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1295 Boulevard Way, Suite H Walnut creek, CA 94595

Meet the Owner


       Hello and welcome to Sun Drop Tanning! My name is Lisa and  I'm the owner of Sun Drop Tanning where sun damage, streaky tans, and orange skin is a thing of the past. 
       Growing up with fair skin I was no stranger to the pain and discomfort of sun burns, but always longed for that natural, healthy, sun kissed look. I tried countless tanning products but always felt that my tan looked artificial.

​​Don’t want UV ray exposure to ruin your beautiful skin, but still want that
amazing sun kissed look? Sun Drop Tanning has what you need! At Sun Drop Tanning we
use state of the art equipment and only top of the line solutions. Client satisfaction and safety is of the utmost importance to us here which is why we sterilize our equipment after each client in order to ensure sanitation and maximum, streak free coverage.

The spray tan process only takes about 15 minutes and our citrus scent solutions will leave your skin looking and feeling naturally sun kissed for up to 7 days. 

If coming into the salon doesn't work or you would prefer more privacy, we can come to you!  

(Mobile Tanning Rates Apply)


More Information:

Sun Drop


        My personal struggle to get a great, quality tan that complemented my complexion initiated the birth of my airbrush spray tanning business. During my research I became a Certified Sunless Technician and NSTPA Member so that I could educate myself about the best airbrush spray tanning techniques which are currently available and stay informed regarding the latest sunless tanning technologies.  I wanted to take the knowledge and experience that I had gained from my personal search and create a company that provided people with an amazing product without the hassle and risks associated with traditional tanning. Sun Drop Tanning is focused on providing each client with a phenomenal tanning experience while giving our customers the confidence that comes with a sun drop glow.